Corporate Catering Buffet service across Delhi


In addition to individually packed meals, we also provide buffet service catering at offices across Delhi. In this format, we cater meals in bulk for an entire office. We can serve multi cuisine meal.

The catering menu comprises of our wide range of Indian and International dishes and follows our basic philosophy of healthy, balanced meals. Each menu is cleared by our in-house dieticians. We inform our customers about each week’s menu a week in advance, so that we may incorporate their feedback. Our senior chefs are personally involved in designing each corporate menu.

Many corporate offices spend a great deal of money on ensuring employee satisfaction, yet they often neglect the big role of catering services in maintaining employee health and satisfaction. Tiffinshiffin corporate catering service will provide meals that are not just tasty, but also hygienic and healthy, thus contributing to the long term well-being of your team. Further, our wide range of cuisines help ensure that the meals do not become mundane. In addition, we offer our corporate customers a monthly dietician counseling camp at their office, on request.
Our Corporate Meals service is designed to service offices with at least 50 employees and up to 1000 employees.

To know more about our service options, sample menus, pricing and terms, please contact our corporate sales team at +91-9650824087 or

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